What is Personal Development?


developmentThere are many people in our society today that are very unhappy with their lives for one reason or another. Whatever reason they have for being unhappy, there is undoubtedly a way to change it. Sometimes it requires a change in career, or situation. Other times it is simply a change in the way that people think. Sometimes, it is both. This is what personal development is all about.

Personal development is a path that you take to better your family situation, career, spirituality, emotional health, and every other aspect of your life. Essentially, personal development is about making conscious decisions about everything that you do, the way that you think, and the way that you react to situations. Personal development can help you obtain everything that you always dreamed of, and more, with the simple application of a few simple mind sets and tools.

One of the biggest steps toward personal development is a change of mind set. If you think that you can do better, you will. If you think that you are stuck in a dead end job, without family or friends to support you, and no prospects of a better future, you will ultimately be very unhappy. When you change your mind set to positive thinking, you will find that you put forth more effort into everything that you do, and you will have much better results.

Another one of the important steps toward personal development is to set obtainable goals. This is not to say that your dream is not obtainable. But if you constantly think about the goal of being a millionaire with a successful family, you will feel pretty hopeless as that goal seems so far out of reach. Setting obtainable goals simply means that you set goals that lead to the ultimate goal.

It is really about taking steps. When you decide that you need food in your refrigerator, it does not automatically appear. You must make a grocery list, go to the grocery store, shop for items, purchase them, bring them home, and put them in the fridge. Obtaining a large goal is much the same way. You will not get there overnight. It takes going through a series of steps, or smaller goals, to find your way.

Smaller goals also help you to see the bigger picture. Instead of thinking that you are never going to reach your final goal, you will see the progress that you are making as you complete each smaller, more obtainable goal. This will give you a sense of accomplishment, as well as help you to change your thinking to a more positive mind set.

For some, personal development is also a matter of moving beyond past failures and misfortune to see what is possible in the future. Often the negative comments made by friends and family over a life time can be difficult to overcome. Past failures, or just the feeling that one is a failure, are another major obstacle. There are ways to move beyond these obstacles.

Personal development is really about making changes. Finding resources to make changes, move past obstacles, set goals, and find happiness is not always easy. But with all of the personal development books, articles, websites, and other resources available, personal development and happiness can be obtained. For those who need additional help moving past obstacles and making those changes, a counselor or personal development coach can also be of great worth.

To your success.

Michael W

Michael W

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Maximum Confidence Transformation Package


Are you really confident?

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You have never done anything like that or felt like that after any presentation and you sometimes can’t even make the presentation sound interesting or get the other person to even talk to you.

You feel dejected and lost. Nothing goes right and you just want to stay at home, sit on the couch, watch TV and eat junk food all night.

You have given up because of a …


It isn’t a complete lack of confidence, as we all have some level of confidence in our abilities. But, in some situations, it just isn’t enough.

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To your success.

Michael W

Michael W

Boosting Your Self-Worth

self-worthWhat is self-worth, anyway? To find out, answer this question: How much would you say you’re worth? The answer is your self-worth, or the value you place on yourself. Just like anything of value, the self can fluctuate up and down in worth for any number of reasons!

Even though you have your ups and downs, there are ways you can increase your self-worth each and every day.

We all have value, whether we believe it or not. This value comes from our very existence, as well as our own set of skills, talents, ideas and strengths.

If we think of worth in terms of financial worth, we can get a good idea of how we can increase our own self-worth.

With money, the way to increase worth is to make more money. We make more money by taking specific actions in our workplace or within our businesses.

Sounds obvious, right? Well it is! Self-worth works the same way. We increase our self-worth by focusing on the things that make up our worth.

Here are some things you can begin doing right now to increase your self-worth:

  1. Enjoy a new hobby. Your skill set is a big determination of your self-worth. The more you can do – and do well – the better you feel about yourself. That’s why you’ll want to consider adding to your list of hobbies or recreational activities.
  • The more you enjoy what you do in your life, the more you’ll also enjoy who you are as a person.
  1. Take a class. As with hobbies, learning something new is a great way to add to your self-worth. It’s like a deposit into your knowledge bank.

There are plenty of options for this choice:

  • Take a class at a local community college.
  • Register for an online seminar.
  • Look in the local newspaper for free classes in your area.
  • Call your local school district. They offer inexpensive continuing education classes in almost every subject imaginable, including hobbies!
  1. Read more. Reading is a wonderful way to stimulate the mind. When you spark your imagination, new ideas emerge from the depths. Nothing builds self-worth like learning more about the world you live in!
  • Maybe you’ve always wanted to be an inventor. If so, you can generate some ideas by researching and reading information about your ideas.
  1. Learn a language. There are a huge number of tools available that can assist you in mastering a new language. Learning new languages builds self-worth because it allows you to communicate on a completely different level with others.
  1. Do something out of the ordinary. Take a chance, conquer a challenge, and step out of your comfort zone. These kinds of activities stretch you as an individual. Doing something you never imagined gives you a glimpse of your true potential.

Anything that boosts your self-confidence will also increase your self-worth, since they’re directly related. On the other hand, our self-worth becomes stagnant if we become arrogant and believe that we’ve accomplished all we can in life.

Start each day by making the commitment to your success. After all, you are worthy of great things! Even if you have a hard time believing this, take action anyway because where action is, emotions will follow.

Try something new, pick one of the topics from above, give it a shot and see for yourself how much of a difference it makes. Just remember the great words of Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.

Which will you choose?

To your success

Michael W


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Are you ready to reach the level of success that you know you desire?

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The Psychology of Persistence


persistenceBeing highly persistent is something that can help you make all kinds of amazing things happen. Like the little ant that moved the rubber tree plant, truly remarkable things can happen when you just don’t give up.

But while it would be nice to simply ‘switch on’ being persistent, the truth of the matter is that some people may simply be born more persistent than others – or they may have learned it as a behavior when they were very young. Is it too late to ‘decide’ to be persistent right now?

What is Persistence?

From a psychological perspective, persistence is essentially just a personality trait. In measures of personality designed to try and tell people about themselves, persistence is a common factor that gets measured alongside other things like conscientiousness and extroversion/introversion. It is one of the personality traits measured in the ‘Temperament and Character Inventory’ for instance where it is considered one of four ‘temperament’ traits. Here it is defined as ‘perseverance in spite of fatigue or frustration’.

Whether or not personality can be ‘changed’ over time is a matter that is contentious among psychologists. Some studies suggest that people aren’t likely to change their personality much as time goes by, whereas others show that we change in some predictable ways as we get older. Other theories though describe personality as being entirely fluid and potentially even non-existent and instead entirely reliant on context. Some psychologists believe that you are literally a different person depending on who you’re with at the time. Others describe personality as being an emergent property of the ‘connectome’ which is the neuronal web of beliefs, ideas and memories that grows and changes over time.

There are certainly things you can do to make being persistent easier for yourself. CBT or ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’ can help for instance, as too can simply giving yourself more energy.

Who is Likely to be Persistent?

While it’s uncertain how easily you can ‘train’ yourself to be persistent though, what you certainly can do is to identify the people who are most likely to be persistent and why.

Interestingly for instance, there appears to be a highly heritable element of persistence. That is to say that if your parents are very persistent then you are likely to be as well. This would seem to stand in favor of the idea that persistence can’t be learned.

Persistence has also been shown to correlate with the trait of conscientiousness and to an extent ‘self-transcendence’. If you know someone who’s very conscientious and self-aware, they may well be persistent too…

To your success

Michael W

Michael W


P.S. Are you frustrated that you are not reaching your ultimate level of success? Do you desire to be more confident and successful? Fantastic. Let me help you.

As a Life Coach, I want to make sure that you achieve all of your goals and desires to become the powerful person you know you are inside. Bring that confident person outside to take charge of your life. Let me buy you a 30 minute session so that we can talk together to determine how to move you forward.

Simply email me at michael@youaresuccesslifecoach.com to get started now.

Are you ready to reach the level of success that you know you desire?

Nigel Tadyanehondo

Shortcuts to Motivation and Desire


motivationMotivation and desire are nice to have when you need them. But what can you do when you need them and they’re in short supply? You can generate your own enthusiasm. You don’t have to wait to be inspired. Inspiration is in your hands. Like any other skill, you can learn to be motivated and full of desire on demand.

Learn to motivate yourself and get those challenging things done:

  1. Keep your purpose in mind. If you require motivation to do something, there must be a reason for doing it. Keep that reason in the front of your mind. Are you dieting to fit into a special dress for your high school reunion? Are you learning to play the piano so you can sing Christmas carols around the fire with your family?
  • Remind yourself daily of your “why.”
  1. Set appropriate goals. Goals that are too small aren’t motivating. Goals that are too big are overwhelming. The perfect goal will excite you without overwhelming you. Goals are an excellent motivation tool. If your goals aren’t exciting, you have some work to do.
  • Remind yourself of your goals each day. Set aside a specific time to review your goals. Read your goals aloud and visualize your success. Imagine how you’ll feel when your goal is reached.
  1. Pay attention to your progress toward your goals. Nothing motivates like success. Whether you’re motivating yourself to do a better job at work or to stay on top of the clutter at home, notice your success and be proud. You deserve it.
  2. Take breaks. One effective way to destroy your motivation and desire is to work non-stop. Take regular breaks and keep your motivation high. Studies find that most people do well with a 10-15-minute break each hour.
  3. Have gratitude. It’s easy to feel down when you’re struggling and focused on what you don’t have. Remind yourself of all the people and things you already have in your life. When you have gratitude, your mood and desire will improve. Spend just a few minutes each day and mentally list all the things and people in your life that allow you to feel grateful.
  1. Find a form of external motivation. Some people can generate motivation and desire through internal means. Others need external pleasure or pain to generate enthusiasm. There are several ways to do this.
  • Tell others what you’re trying to accomplish. Once people know your business, they’ll be busy watching and judging you. Did you say you’re never going to drink another can of soda again? It will be difficult to bring yourself to do it in front of others again.
  • Promise yourself a reward. Once you get that promotion, take yourself to Hawaii. Or get a new wardrobe when you lose 25 lbs. Make your reward something that’s meaningful to you.
  • Punish yourself. Cheat on your diet? Give $10 to a charity you don’t like. Late to work again? Throw out your favorite pair of shoes. While we don’t like to admit it, humans are often more driven by pain than by pleasure. This can be an effective way to keep yourself motivated if you can follow through on your threat to yourself.

When all else fails, get started. A little action can bring about motivation.

Motivation is nice when it occurs organically, but it’s not a reliable method. It’s possible to create your own motivation with practice. Practice these tips regularly and you’ll always be able to take care of business rather than waiting for inspiration to smile upon you.

To your success

Michael W

P.S. Are you frustrated that you are not reaching your ultimate level of success? Do you desire to be more confident and successful? Fantastic. Let me help you.

As a Life Coach, I want to make sure that you achieve all of your goals and desires to become the powerful person you know you are inside. Bring that confident person outside to take charge of your life. Let me buy you a 30 minute session so that we can talk together to determine how to move you forward.

Simply email me at michael@youaresuccesslifecoach.com to get started now.

Are you ready to reach the level of success that you know you desire?